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Sometimes a room does not need color from a can of paint or from a framed picture. At times, a colored stuffed pillow is inappropriate and the throw just does not do a space justice. In these situations, what could bring a room together is a figurine or two. These figurines can be displayed together as a collection, or peppered through the home. These days, you can find such figurines hand painted in warm tones that compliment a range of home décor styles.

The American Design Company has an impressive collection of hand painted resin molded figurines that would make a notable addition to your home’s décor or a gift to someone who would appreciate the style. Often described as a piece of the Americana vintage style, these beauties reflect the American cultural heritage. One could relate them to the style of the twenties through the forties. A classic and unique home accent for any home, whether that home is at a beach or in the city.

One of the popular figurines at American Design Company, this nostalgic collection illustrates a group of four bathers in a colorful range of bathing suits. At three and half inches to six inches tall, these adorable figurines are a perfect size for those wanting to add a splash of color and fun in a space. You can choose from a set of three, or better yet, take the whole lot! The bathers decked out in Summer Floral Suits of red, white, and blue suits are so beautiful. The bright colors can pick up the same in your living space. There is a set of bathing beauties in red, white and blue suits, a patriotic bunch in stunningly life-like poses. However, if you want to up the ante and set yourself apart, consider the four bathers in vivacious black and white animal print suits.

Now there are a number of homes that have enough color and just want a crisp white, gray or black in their space. If your home has such a space, you do not have to miss out in all the fun. The American Design Company has something for you too!

There is an exquisite collection of resin molded figurines called the Spa Collection. These ladies are a divine addition to your home. Whether the theme in your space is of a coastal or vintage or traditional, these ladies could fit in just fine. All hand painted, these lovely ladies are in a white towel and have a turban on their pretty heads. There is a shelf sitter, weighing in at a pound and eight ounces. The other is laying on her stomach with her foot up in a playful way. The last beauty, is sitting with her knees up. Like the bathers, these lovely ladies look great as a collection of three.
Posted By Melissa Steward at 07:09:35
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