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New Years is the time of the year to celebrate what was and hope for what can be. Many have a list of dos and don'ts; promises of healthy living or a better out-look. Rather than worry about what can be, lets live in the now. While we have a couple of days of 2011 left, why not forget about your plans for the 2012, and consider celebrating with family and friends. Throw a New Year's Party! American Design Company can help.

Most homes will still have their Christmas decorations up. That is good. It is festive and cheery. Adding silver and gold tinsel and streamers could not hurt. The secret to a really good party is the refreshments. At American Design Company, we believe the presentation of these refreshments will make them even better!

American Design Company has a variety of decorative dishes worthy of an occasion such as this. From their selection of party serving pieces, you will find a beautiful selection of acrylic tableware that will beautifully display your goodies.

For example, American Design Company has a selection of entertaining decor that will be perfect: the two-piece acrylic chip and dip set will have your famous dip and chips look tantalizing. It is decorated with medallions that reflect the season colors and bring out the festive ambiance. Your Texan guest would appreciate the salad in the large acrylic cowboy hat bowl. The two rows of colored gems with medallions go with the faceted acrylic flat napkin holder, similarly adorned in color and sparkle! There are pair of silver toned salt and pepper shakers housed in a caddy with medallions, which will match the themed decor as well.

Your guests have to drink, so have American Design Company bring a sparkle to their bubbly too. Consider adding the acrylic insulated ice bucket with tongs to the bar. The base of the ice bucket is tastefully decorated with wire swirls in addition to both the base and lid creatively wrapped in gems. Serving your favorite mixed drink in one American Design Company's item, the three-quart pitcher, could not hurt either. Also decorated with medallions and small gems, this pitcher goes very well with the wine goblets with Pokka dot pattern of gems and a glass wire wrapped along their stems. If it is a mixed drink in their hands, the similar decorated Pokka dot pattern tumblers will do well too.

American Design Company can bring the very touch of class and sparkle you need at this year's New Year Eve's celebration. Do not wait, get online with American Design Company and have them provide you with the entertaining decor you need to make your "shindig" a memorable one!
Posted By Melissa Steward at 07:13:17
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