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Believe it or not it, the holidays are here!

For some, the idea of holiday shopping means going in and out of a number stores in search of the perfect gift. Many have the stamina. Some possess the patience to deal with the growing holiday crowds. Are the discounts worth the trouble?

Consider the American Design Company. With a variety of items to offer, you are bound to find a Christmas gift that will be held onto for years to come. The American Design Company has something for everyone, jewelery for her and unique items for him; wall art to bath and bed accessories; children's toys; indoor and outdoor furniture; something for the kitchen to something for your pet. Let's face it, shopping for that special Christmas gift has never been easier!


If you have a young college kid in your family, they are probably already planning their upcoming spring break! Well, the American Design Company may have the perfect gift for the future sunbather, the Tote'l Towel". Designed to fit in most hotel chaise lounges and deck chairs, this Tote'l Towel" is a multi-purpose tanning towel. It has a specially built in feature that allows it to stay locked over the top of your chair, fixing the problem of the towel moving under you as you change positions. With pockets conveniently located in the lower sides as well as the bottom, making it easy to get to one's tanning oil, sunglasses, room key, reading material, and the like.

I am sure no one thinks they have enough room for their pots and pans in their ever shrinking kitchen. American Design Company has a burnished gold iron pot rack that would be the perfect gift for any cook. Masterfully forged by skilled craftsmen, this pot rack is elegant and uniquely Texan. What better way to make room for your pots and pans than to have them out of the cupboards and in plain view!

Have a newlywed on your Christmas gift list, well, consider this other unique item, the Unity Cross. Wall art that is essentially the illustration of marriage. The new married couple will see the joined hearts resting on the cross, signifying their unity in marriage and their submission to Christ's teachings. This hand crafted and one of a kind Promise Cross, is a unique Christmas gift that will be greatly appreciated.

With the American Design Company, you can sleep in! When you are ready to shop, you can do so while taking your coffee in your pajamas. With the American Design Company, you can order your personalized Patina steel Wood fire pit for your husband from the comfort of your home. This year, take it easy and select your pearl jewellery or pet accessory while you pour your second cup of coffee. Without the hassles of long lines and crowded showrooms, this year, choose the American Design Company as your source of top Christmas Gifts.
Posted By Melissa Steward at 07:16:13
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