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Versagel Candles-Cast Iron
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Cobalt Blue Rimmed Plate and Bowl
Spanish Green Rimmed Plate, Bowl
Versagel Candles Praying Biker

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panish Green Rimmed Plate, Bowl
Tuiles Assortment Gift Set
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2in1 Activity Table Lego Compatible
Acrylic Wine Goblet W Pokka Dot Patern
Monbana Squares Gift Box Set
Product No: 051006
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Acrylic Wine Goblet W Pokka Dot Patern
Chelsea Dollhouse
Candied Orange and Pineapple
Product No: 051003
Price: $30.00
Chelsea Dollhouse
New Year's Eve is a holiday celebrated the day before New Year's Day so as to mark the last day of the year. It is observed on 31st December every year. This holiday is marked with different activities such as partying, reflecting on the past year, giving gifts, family gatherings, countdowns and fireworks displays. New Year gifts are exclusively designed to brighten up the recipient's day. New Year gifts are accompanied with sincere wishes for a fabulous year ahead. These celebrations usually carry on up to midnight where they merge with the celebration of New Year's Day. This day is celebrated in different ways in different countries all over the world. It is a time of celebration with many people being grateful for making it through the year.

One of the greatest celebrations of this day is experienced in New York City in the United States of America. You'll have no idea what an incredible place it is to visit.The celebration of New Year's Eve in Manhattan at the Times Square in New York City is broadcasted in America as well as all over the world. Up to one million people gather at times square to witness these celebrations live and another one billion people watch it on TV in America and all over the world. This celebration is marked by the dropping of a time ball with electric lights accompanied by a countdown from 06:00pm to midnight.

This tradition of a dropping ball as people countdown to midnight is very common and it is practiced in different parts of the world. These balls also take up different shapes that identify the area where the balls are used. For example, the time ball in New York was shaped as an apple for several years because the city is known as the "Big Apple". In Florida Miami they have The Big Orange Drop where an orange shaped ball rises over 400 feet to the top of the Hotel Intercontinental Miami, since Florida is known as "The Orange State". Georgia is known as the "Peach state" and they have a peach drop on New Year's Eve. The peach shaped ball goes down a tower decorated with lights in about a minute.

Another famous tradition at New Year's Eve is setting off fireworks. This is usually done when the clock strikes midnight. The fireworks displays usually go on for about thirty minutes as part of the festivities. People also make resolutions about things that they will do in the coming year. People also believe that what a person does during New Year's Eve may affect their luck in the coming year. Some people even believe that the person you share a kiss with at midnight will be your partner for the following year.