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Celebrate your Thanksgiving
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As the name suggests, this is a day that is set aside so as give thanks for all the good things that have happened to a person. It is one of the biggest holidays celebrated in North America. Thanks Giving Day is basically a communal celebration that is marked by prayers, feasting and spending time with friends and family. There are different dates for this celebration in Canada and USA. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States while in Canada it is celebrated on the second Monday of October.

Nuclear and extended families usually come together during this holiday to give thanks and celebrate together. People who are away from their families for different purposes such as those who are in college or those working away from their homes usually home to travel celebrate with their families. Big feasts are prepared for this day and people indulge in a lot of eating and drinking. People usually take this time to give thanks for their families and friends as well as other good things they have had in that particular year.

The celebration of this holiday would be incomplete without the traditional main course of turkey meat, which is prepared in different ways. Although there is no proof, it is believed that the tradition of serving turkey for thanksgiving dinner originated from the serving of turkey on the first Thanksgiving Day in 1621. There is even a turkey song for Thanksgiving Day. Other foods that are traditionally served during this holiday include: corn, pumpkin, beans, cranberry and cornucopia.

Another tradition of Thanksgiving Day is the Thanksgiving Day Parades. These are believed to have started in America when President Lincoln proclaimed that Thanksgiving Day was going to be an official holiday. During that time the main aim of the parades was to display the strength and discipline of the military. These days the parades are meant to lift spirits and entertain they feature celebrities and musical shows. There are different parades held in different states in America such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade held in New York, America’s Thanksgiving Day parade held in Detroit and the 6abc IKEA Thanksgiving Day parade held in Philadelphia.

Many people also spend Thanksgiving Day watching NFL football. This is an American tradition where friends or family who have come together to celebrate thanksgiving also enjoy watching football matches together. One of the traditional games played on this day is the green day packers vs. the Detroit lions.