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Meet Lucy Lindsey

Lucy Lindsey
Hello I am Lucy Lindsey. I have been in the beauty industry for over 36 years and have been involved in all aspects of the beauty profession. My passion to teach others to envelope health within and understand superior skincare. This has been the cornerstone of my career. My career has evolved in many ways over the years...
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Walnut Mint Exfoliating Mask

  • Walnut, Mint Exfoliating Mask for face and body is the perfect blend of Caffeine and Mint. Along with the smoothing properties of Juglans Regia Shell Powder (ground Walnut).
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Corrective travel kit

  • Beautiful Body on the Go

  • Lucy Lindsey Travel Set offers all your favorite 'corrective' body products in a 2 oz.(perfect for airline security) size including a full size Exfoliating Body Towel.
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Citrus Daydream Luxurious Body Lotion

  • Luxuriously Silky

  • For everyday use, our luxurious body lotion is an essential part of your routine! Made with 90% Natural Ingredients, this lotion is filled...
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  • Deep Cleansing and Exfoliating

  • Helps eliminate bumps and clogged pores for good. 90% natural and filled with Natural Enzymes including: tea tree (for bacteria), salicylic acid (fights acne) and natural oils (conditioning).

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World Finest Exfoliating Body Towel

  • Eliminate bumps and dry skin

  • No more mold. Will not fall apart! Launders like new. Extra long for hard-to-reach places! Dries fast.

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I HAVE A STORY...I broke my wrist and it has been annoying...not really painful but annoying. I was in a cast for about 10 days, then had surgery and wrist/arm was air, water or anything for about 4 weeks. When I finally saw my arm I was in shock!!! It looked like snake skin. I have never seen anything like all the dry, pealing skin. I was not allowed to touch the area for several more days (this whole process will be 10 weeks when it is over). soon as I could, I used your soap on my wrist and arm...could not touch the area where the stiches were. Just a couple of days after using your soap (Dr said NO lotions until completely healed) my skin looked almost normal. I am a believer!!! It was amazing. I had already planned on ordering more before the accident as my elbows were the best they have ever been, but now, after seeing what happened to my arm, I know this stuff is truly amazing!!!
Pat Garrett

I have used the the body wash , lotion , and the exfoliating towel, I loved it all. The smell is refreshing, and I have been asked what am I wearing.The scent stayed on my skin long enough to be noticed. They make great gifts, and have a unique grapefruit fresh scent. Leaves my skin soft, and I like the lotion with the SPF for protection from the sun. This is a wonderful product !!!
Sandy Weller

I want to tell you how awesome I think your products are! I bought from you at \'market\' and am loving your products more and more with each day I use them. Thanks for creating a product
Trenda Adkins