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In this Christmas season, many will receive gifts that are big and small. Each of us will be opening the carefully wrapped gifts that have a ribbon or bow as a finish. Some of us will do the wrapper justice and tenderly open the gift while our counterparts may skip the niceties and just rip it right open. At the end of the day, what matters is what is inside.

When I am trying to decide which gift to open first, I often reach for the smaller one; after all, the best things in life come in small packages. Turns out, the American Design Company knows this too. If you want to give that special person in your life a great gem for Christmas, select one of the many necklaces on American Design Company’s online shopping website.

One of my favorite gifts to receive and to give is the necklace. A favorite article of jewelery, the necklace adorns the neck, often with an added feature that hangs at its center, like a pendant or amulet. Women have been wearing the necklace since the Stone Age. That is over forty thousand years worth of jewelry shopping!

One American Design Company’s all time favorite designed necklace is the Vinosus Sleeping Droplet Collection. The shopper has a choice of the artistically brushed sterling droplet shaped frame or rectangular frame. Either are adorned with your choice of gem. There is the faceted Swiss Blue Topaz gem that has an amazing sparkle. Then there is the Fresh Water White Pearl, a classic gem for all ages. Another favorite is the Peacock Pearl, a glorious gem that has colors dancing in the light. Your loved one would be glad you selected one of these as their Christmas gift. A great find!

One of the other coveted collections on The American Design Company's online store is the Vinosus Jewellery Nest Collection. You can choose from the Peacock Fresh Water Pearls to the classic White Fresh Water Pearls or the Peridot gems. Whether it is the pearls or the gems, each necklace is made from a selected number of them that are beautifully woven together with fine silver wire and encased within a hammered sterling silver ringlet, one inch in diameter. Depending on the taste of its future owner, the Nest White Pearls Necklace is just as captivating as the Lustrous Nest Peacock Pearl Necklace. But if pearls are just not her style, the Nest Peridot Necklace is just as divine.

If pearls or gems are not what you had in mind, consider the American Design Company's Vinosus Mixed Metal (MM) Necklace Collection. There is the Shell MM and the Sandollar MM where the artist skillfully wraps 14k gold and around a slight brushed sterling silver flat discs or domed discs. On the other hand, the Karie MM is a pillar of gold beautifully fitted within a brushed domed silver disc. Lastly, the Ladder MM is made from three alternating bands of sterling silver and gold fill joined together with sterling silver jump rings. Either one of these four necklaces would be loved and appreciated.

Whether you are giving many presents or just one, consider choosing American Design Company for the very special necklace that would fit nicely in a beautifully wrapped box. After all, sometimes, it is the little things in life that matter most!
Posted By Melissa Steward at 07:08:21
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